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Our Mission

Mirage Fusionistas is dedicated to high quality original and beautiful choreography, and outstanding fusion belly dance performance art. It is our mission to be true to our art, true to ourselves and true to our amazing community of dancers, musicians, friends and fans. 

Rosethorn- meet our team!






Zahra beautiful / flower

Melian ~ Dear Gift


Our friend troupe: Navah Mirage

Navah Mirage is a creative collaboration for Dancers, Teachers, Musicians, Performers, Artists, and Friends to join in an expressive way and share their passions especially in Oriental Dance. It is a group built to be a safe place to enjoy who we are and grow as individuals. Founded in 2007 by core members who wanted to grow in dance and have opportunity to perform, we have developed into a close-knit group of friends that work with other local talents and performers to educate the public and dance to our hearts' content. We invite you into the world of Middle Eastern Dance fused with personal expressions, to share, to grow, and to dance. For more information, visit

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