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Zahra- Beautiful/flower

 Zahra was first inspired by Middle Eastern dance in 2017 when she had the opportunity to watch a dancer named Sadie perform a magical and empowering solo. Zahra knew immediately she needed to explore this artform for herself. The music was especially meaningful because of her years of her music study in jazz and music theory. As a lifelong painter and graphic designer, belly dance became a perfect fit in her lifestyle. Zahra's lifelong goal is to continue her education in the study of Middle Eastern culture, and its connection to performance art. Zahra is a talented dancer who performed in several community events. She currently takes classes with Navah, and intensives with superstars including Sadie Marquardt, Deb Rubin, and more. As a performer, Zahra plays active roles in Navah Mirage productions throughout the Midwest.  

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