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Kristy Anderson

Kristy began an exploration of belly dance in 2005.

Over the years she has studied with a wide variety of world class, internationally recognized belly dance super stars including Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Silvia Salamanca and Deb Rubin among many others. She is currently a phase 1 initiate, studying Rachel Brice's 8 Elements of Belly Dance and has completed Deb Rubin's Dance Therapeutics Level 1. In addition to her in-depth study of belly dance and specialization in fusion dance, Kristy also studies aerial arts at Aerial Dance Green Bay. Kristy was featured as a principal soloist in the original production, Dance of the Elements, in 2017, and continues to perform with Mirage Fusionistas, Navah Mirage and as a soloist throughout the midwestern United States. She has been inspired by her world travel and time living abroad in Spain as well as her beautiful family and the community of dancers and artists she has connected with worldwide. 

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